Tigers Remixes

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Re-worked, re-interpreted, re-composed and re-directed double CD collection by a diverse selection of Australian and international artists, including; DAVID PAJO (aka PAPA M), DOUG GILLARD (GUIDED BY VOICES), TURNSTYLE, PHIL KAKULAS (BLACKEYED SUSANS), LUX MAMMOTH (CAT HOPE + AL SMITH) MATTHEW DE LA HUNTY (TALL TALES AND TRUE) OPTAMUS (DOWNSYDE) and many more.

1. Darren "Greenwood" Nuttal & Simon Said Galore - Return To The Valley Of The Snow Bees
2. Chris McCormick - Up & Down The Shaft
3. Doug Gillard - Cramer's Jungle
4. Papa M - Beneath My Hands
5. Turnstyle - Scared Like A Rabbit
6. Matthew De La Hunty - Son Of A Sweet Pea
7. Optamus And DJ GMC - HeLo [Phat Ass Failures Remix]
8. Phil Kakulas - Good Morning World
9. Mark Cooper - Snow Pea [Remix]
10. Cambion - Squarky Talky

1. Forty Dog - Back To The Shore
2. Qube - Yellow Sadness
3. Jeremy Gittens - Frosties No. 5 Remix
4. Running From Nothing - Bad Days: Satan Beat Me At Pat-A-Cake Mix
5. Modular - Smells Like Feta
6. Matt Reaves - Happy Days (Oh Glorious...They Weren't All Happy Days)
7. Lux Mammoth - Sweet Pea
8. Francisco Abarca - Elevator Song Remix
9. Cambion - Snow Pea